Teens and College Students


You never feel quite yourself.  Sitting in class leaves you even foggier than you were when you woke up.  Nodding and pretending to follow along is the easiest way to stay in conversations.  Friends don’t feel close, and new ones just won’t stick.


Once the night comes, brain energy kicks in, and it’s hard to turn off.  Sleep seems impossible after being glued to a laptop screen for hours.  You know the next day is going to feel like gravel, but the cycle feels stuck in place.  Crawling into bed, you eventually drift off, and after a few hours start the routine over again.


Insomnia completely changes the way life feels.  Many people live with it and shrug it off, ignoring their own unhappiness that results.  If you’ve ever met someone who brags about being fine without much sleep, chances are they are very good at putting on a face.  


I help you with the frustration that comes with not getting enough sleep: the loneliness around other people, the effort it takes to do things that seem simple.  This frustration is like having your hands tied; I help you untie your hands.  With time, I can help you find your footing, your energy, your strength, and your happiness.