Sleep Clinics in the Seattle Area:

Sound Sleep Health

Swedish Sleep Center

Virginia Mason

The Polyclinic

UW Harborview


Recommended reading:

Insomniac, Gayle Greene

Frustrated by her lifelong insomnia, Greene decided to become her own research subject, and threw herself at every feasible treatment with the gusto of a reality show contestant.  Her writing is passionate yet conversational; she shares her thoughts and feelings with the relatability of a close friend.  Highly recommended for anyone who has been frustrated in their attempts of sleep disorder treatment, but take note that Greene's insomnia lies far on the severe end of the spectrum - don't assume that her difficulty will foretell your own attempts at success in treating your own insomnia.


The Promise of Sleep, William C. Dement and Christopher Vaughan

Dement is one of the founding pioneers of sleep medicine research.  His book is a crash course in sleep science, and he tells the story of his own struggles and successes as a graduate student trying to make the most of grant funding.  Richly informative and approachable.