navigating sleep treatment


Finding a helpful medical treatment for your sleep issues can be a difficult process. Sleep is sensitive, and it can be be very fickle towards any attempts to change it. Reaping the benefits of a doctor’s orders takes time, and it’s frustrating when you aren’t sure whether the method you’re trying will work for you personally or not. Sticking to a strict sleep schedule, getting used to a CPAP mask, adjusting to medication - none of these things are easy to do on your own.


As an advocate in your treatment, I help overcome the frustration of sleep change. What is most important to me is how you are feeling right now, each day. I focus on your goals regarding the medical advice you have received, and help you find solutions to problems that arise as you attempt to make change.  


Some of the challenges I help with include:

  • Being mindful of your feelings and personal experience while trying a new treatment
  • Forming new habits around sleep (e.g., keeping a regular schedule)
  • Maintaining a strong sense of what has worked for you

Please take note that as a mental health counselor, I do not prescribe medical treatment. I strongly recommend seeing a sleep medicine specialist in addition to therapy. There are many sleep medicine clinics in the Seattle area, please have a look at my Resources page if you are interested in finding one near you.