Couples and Sleep: The Half-Empty Bed


Your partner can’t sleep, and it is affecting you, too.  Insomnia places significant pressure on a relationship: sleeping together is a time of intimacy, and waking up to find your loved one elsewhere brings loneliness.  


When you’re the one with sleep loss, frustration is doubled when you leave bed in the middle of the night to reel in your mind.  Taking some time away from bed is often necessary to reset your body’s rhythm, but feelings of shame can arise - we’re often taught that couples go to bed and rise together, despite how unrealistic that can be.  


Over time, missing one another in bed can become a significant part of lost intimacy.


I help you regain intimacy that was lost.  The chasm created by asymmetrical sleep can be overcome.  My approach centers on building mutual understanding and fostering communication so that emotions are fulfilled in your relationship.