Anxiety, Depression, and Sleep Loss


When you are struggling with anxiety and depression from sleep loss, days can be fretful and uneasy, yet long and flat.  Alertness may feel out of reach.  Sometimes there’s a shock of it all at once, but it makes it harder to focus, not easier.  Relationships and friendships drift away.  Conversations feel empty.  It feels like there’s a fog around every person, and every attempt to know them goes nowhere.

Life is about more than just trying to function.  We can lose our strength when we feel unheard, when we feel unvalued, and when we lose connection with others.  Therapy is about growing your strength and achieving your goals.  

Change comes when you no longer confront the problem on your own.  Together we can work to regain your sense of self by creating a space that is responsive to how you are.  Through this work, emotional freedom can be brought to every facet of life.